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Water-repellent fire doors – SP150 HYDROFEU®

The SP150 HYDROFEU® water-repellent fire door was developed specifically for professional kitchens and food industry environments with two main objectives: to comply with the very strict hygiene standards required in these environments and ensure the protection of staff and diners against fire.

A water-resistant pre-hung fire doorset for professional and institutional kitchens

The SP150 HYDROFEU® door fully meets these requirements since it certified EI30 fire-resistant and it is also water-repellent, impact-resistant, unaffected by cleaning products and corrosion-proof.

It is made of materials suitable for contact with food: grade 304L stainless steel for the door frame and door accessories and compact laminate facing for the leaf. The SP150 HYDROFEU® has been tested and certified by the EFECTIS test laboratory and has an EI30 fire resistance certificate for installation on plasterboard partitions and masonry.

ADVANTAGES of the SP150 HYDROFEU® water-repellent fire door

  • EI30 fire rating (concrete and plasterboard walls)
  • Water-resistant and unaffected by cleaning products
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Impact-resistant
  • Suitable for food preparation and food industry environments
  • High quality pre-hung fire doorset

Fire resistant

Water resistance

Professional kitchen

Food industry

Reinforced hygiene

Resistant to cleaning products

Technical specifications of the SP150 HYDROFEU® water-repellent fire door

Door frame

  • Brushed grade 304L stainless steel welded casing for fitting on a concrete wall. A stainless steel inner casing will be necessary to fit the door on a plasterboard partition or to completely encase a masonry wall,
  • Silicone seal in the back of the rabbet,
  • Neat finish – all the fastening screws are invisible.

Door leaf

  • Compact laminate facings for irreproachable hygiene and excellent resistance to knocks, scratches, moisture and cleaning products,
  • Insulating, fire-resistant core
  • Lock with key and stainless steel faceplate,
  • Grade 304L stainless steel lever handles and hinges,
  • Intumescent perimeter seals.


SPENLE watertight swing fire doors

Technical performances

Fire resistance of SP150 HYDROFEU®

  • Single-leaf door: EI2-30 rating granted by the EFECTIS laboratory for a leaf up to 1260 mm wide
  • Direction of fire: Either

For the moment, only the single-leaf door has been tested and certified EI30 fire-resistant. The design of a double-leaf water-repellent, EI30 door is being considered for future development.


SP250 AIR&FIRE STOP door drawing


  • Door closer with compass arm or slide arm,
  • Porthole/vision panel with fire-resistant glass with stainless steel glazing beads,
  • Acrovyn® or brushed stainless steel kick plates,
  • Lock with vacant/engaged indicator
  • Automatic drop down seal ensuring a better seal at ground level.

More detailed documentation including drawings, BIM files, etc. can be downloaded here.

Examples of uses of water-repellent EI30 fire doors:

  • Water-repellent fire-doors between the kitchen and dining area in public access buildings,
  • Moisture-insensitive EI30 doors for access to the bin and waste collection area,
  • Water-resistant fire doors separating the kitchen from a staircase in schools.
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