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Swing airtight door – SP250

The SP250 door was developed to keep sensitive rooms airtight and effectively combat the risks of contamination (bacterial or particulate). It is designed for surgical suites, laboratories, clean rooms and other controlled environment areas.

An airtight door for operating theaters and controlled environment rooms

It is designed for surgical suites, laboratories, clean rooms and other controlled environment areas.

The SP250 airtight door is designed to meet hygiene and decontamination requirements and is available in two versions: a standard version and a High Performance version (SP250 HP) to meet the most stringent standards.

The performances of SP250 doors have been tested and certified by several test laboratories, which have issued airtightness certificates.

ADVANTAGES of the SP250 airtight door

  • Very high airtightness 
  • Optimum decontamination and hygiene: porthole flush on both sides, smooth, rounded shapes
  • Materials resistant to cleaning products.
  • Large choice of laminate finishes
  • Available in an X-ray  version – SP250X, in a soundproofed – version – SP250 STILLROOM® or in an EI30 fire-resistant version – SP250 AIR&FIRE STOP®

Surgical suite/Hospital



Resistant to cleaning products


Custom manufacturing

Technical specifications of SP250 swing airtight doors

Door frame

  • Aluminium door frame for the standard SP250 model – casing and inner casing made of aluminium profile with rounded edges and a 15µ natural anodised or powder-coated finish,
  • Grade 304L or 316L stainless steel door frame for the High Performance model – welded casing and inner casing adapted to the partition,
  • Replaceable silicone perimeter seal.

Special door frames or fixings can also be studied and offered as options, especially for your renovation needs.

diagram of watertight swing door SP250

Door leaf

  • Made of high pressure laminate (HPL) with an antibacterial surface, Acrovyn®, pre-coated steel sheet (25µ or 55µ PET), powder-coated aluminium sheet or grade 304L or 316L stainless steel,
  • Protected by an aluminium or brushed stainless steel round-edged edging profile,
  • Handles and hinges made of grade 304L stainless steel or fibre-reinforced polyamide
  • Automatic drop down seal with silicone gasket ensuring the door is airtight at ground level.


watertight hinged door leaf diagram

Technical performances

Airtightness of SP250

  • Single leaf: leakage < 2.21 m3/h per m2 at 20 Pa and < 3.78 m3/h per m2 at 50 Pa
  • Double leaf: leakage < 1.12 m3/h per m2 at 20 Pa and < 1.84 m3/h per m2 at 50 Pa


Airtightness of SP250HP

  • Single leaf: leakage < 0.43 m3/h per m2 at 20 Pa and < 0.75 m3/h per m2 at 50 Pa
  • Double leaf: leakage < 1.50 m3/h per m2 at 20 Pa and < 2.77 m3/h per m2 at 50 Pa


  • Laminated glass porthole/vision panel flush on both sides,
  • Vision panel with integral Venetian blind,
  • Acrovyn or brushed stainless steel kick plates,
  • Airlock interlocking: interlocking using a flush-mounted electromagnetic lock,
  • Access control with keypad or biometric system,
  • Door closer,
  • Panic bar,
  • Automatic kit,
  • Adjustable air transfer grille.


Variants and adaptations of the swing airtight door

waterproof swing door SPENLE with window


Click and download the documents below

More detailed documentation including drawings, BIM files, etc. can be downloaded here.

Examples of uses of swing airtight doors :

  • Airtight doors for medical staff access in surgical suites,
  • Airtight doors for research laboratories,
  • Airlock doors for clean rooms for the pharmaceutical, chemical and electronics industries
  • Hermetically sealed access doors in containment zones, lab animal facilities, etc.
  • Airtight, X-ray or radiation protection doors for CT scan rooms.
SPENLE watertight swing door in a hospital

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