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PVC strip curtain kit – L22

Would you like to make your own strip curtain on your own site because your requirement is a bit specific? Are you in a particular hurry or are you looking to reduce the cost?

The strip curtain kit: make your own strip curtains to fit your dimensions!

With the L22 strip curtain kit, you will be able to make your own strip door with surprising ease. The kit comprises rolls of flexible PVC strip from which you can cut the strips to the size you need, and L22 hanging rails to attach the strips to and fix the curtain to your wall.

You can therefore insulate your cold room or refrigerated area, stop draughts or partition off your production lines or work stations.

ADVANTAGES of the L22 strip curtain kit

  • Better hygiene with a closed, easy-to-clean L22 rail
  • Strips suited to the different types of food setting: crystal, polar or Freezer grade or food contact PVC
  • Very simple and quick to fit
  • Strips that can be replaced with no tools and no need to replace the hanging plates

Food industry

Cold insulation


Passage of forklifts



Technical specifications of L22 strip curtain

L22 hanging rail

  • The L22 hanging rail developed by SPENLE is a rail that is especially well suited to food environments and their food safety requirements: closed by a neat, smooth cover, it se nettoie aisément is easy to clean, thereby guaranteeing better hygiene,
  • It is very robust, comprising a support bar with pre-mounted studs and a cover that holds the strips in place and closes everything off,
  • It is available in galvanised steel or grade 304L or 316L stainless steel, in lengths of 2 m, 2.50 m or 3 m and can be cut to the length you require,
  • The L22 hanging rail can be fitted to the ceiling or flat to the wall above the opening.

Rolls of strip

Made of flexible PVC, with rounded edges, available in widths 100, 200, 300 or 400 mm and thicknesses from 2 to 4 mm, there are many types of strip. The ones most commonly used in the food industry remain the 3 types below:

  • Standard crystal flexible PVC,
  • Extreme cold PVC for negative temperatures (as low as -25°C),
  • Food Contact flexible PVC,

All these types of strip are transparent and very slightly blue-tinted.

The different types of strip, some for very specific uses, are listed in the summary table below – available on 50-metre rolls (also 25-metre for 200/2 and 300/3 crystal PVC strip).


hanging rail diagram of flexible PVC strip curtain

Instructions for making and fitting an L22 strip curtain


  1. Cut the L22 to the length you need and fasten it flat to the wall or under the ceiling
  2. Punch the strips and cut them to length
  3. Position the strips 1 by 1 on the studs in a staggered pattern
  4. Close the mounting with the cover
  5. Fasten tight with the wing nuts


SPENLE PVC curtain installation instructions


Click and download the documents below

More detailed documentation including drawings, BIM files, etc. can be Downloaded here

Examples of uses of strip doors and curtains:

  • Extreme cold strip curtains at the entrance to frozen storage rooms to limit energy loss and the formation of frost at the opening
  • Flexible PVC strip curtains for refrigerated trucks
  • Strip curtain separating the different work areas in food processing plants
  • Flexible PVC strip curtains as insect barriers in food storage areas in hot countries
strip curtain and sliding insulated door in front of the cold room

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