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AIR&FIRE STOP® – Our new airtight, fire rated doors

To meet the latest standards and its customers’ needs, SPENLE has recently developed a brand new range of doors that are both airtight and have an EI 30 fire rating: AIR&FIRE STOP® (test reports issued by COFRAC-accredited test laboratories)

Airtight doors for operating theatres and clean rooms

These SPENLE airtight doors have been designed to control the risk of biocontamination or particulate contamination in hospitals and other containment zones. Their leakage rates, acoustic performances and fire resistance have been tested and certified by COFRAC-accredited test laboratories. As well as their enhanced airtightness, these doors often also meet requirements for other equally important properties such as X-ray protection (by including lead sheet in the door leaf), acoustic insulation, or  fire resistance (by including intumescent seals and fire-retardant materials). (par l’incorporation de joints intumescents et matériaux à haute résistance au feu).

airtight hospital door

SPENLE manufactures a complete range of airtight doors:

  • swing airtight doors – SP250
  • sliding airtight doors – SP450
  • swing airtight, X-ray doors – SP250X
  • sliding airtight, X-ray doors – SP450X
  • airtight, EI30 fire rated doors – AIR&FIRE STOP ®
  • soundproof, airtight doors – STILLROOM ®
SPENLE door manufacturing workshop for professionals

A few examples of applications of airtight doors:

In hospitals, healthcare and medical research settings

  • Airtight doors in surgical suites,
  • Controlled air leakage rate doors for recovery rooms,
  • Doors for sterile areas (pharmaceutical preparation, etc.)
  • Airtight, X-ray doors for radiography rooms,
  • Airtight doors for research lab animal facilities

In the pharmaceutical and electronics industries

  • Clean room airlock doors,
  • Airtight doors for laboratories,
  • Access doors for dust-controlled rooms

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