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Our doors and wall protection systems for Industry and Logistics

Strip doors and curtains, Flexible PVC swing doors, Wall impact protection systems.

Economical and effective, the L22 strip curtain still has plenty more mileage in it!

Originally marketed as insulation for openings, the L22 flexible PVC strip curtain designed by SPENLE just keeps on finding more applications.

Flexible PVC swing doors and wall protection systems for industry and warehouses

Initially developed to insulate openings in industrial buildings and logistics warehouses, flexible PVC swing curtains and doors were soon adopted to meet other, very different needs, due to their ease of installation and very reasonable price:

  • reducing heat loss when outside doors are opened,
  • partitioning off work or storage areas,
  • protecting against dust,
  • protecting against UV rays or radiation,
  • protecting against draughts,
  • insulating against noise,
  • protecting against projections,

are just some examples of the possibilities offered by flexible PVC swing doors.

SPENLE factory in Sarrebourg, France

Economical, maintenance-free, reliable and ideally suited to multiple uses, SPENLE strip curtains and flexible PV swing doors are bound to be able to meet the specific requirements of your applications.

These strip and swing doors are mounted on a heavy-duty frame or fastenings:

  • profile or rail made of galvanised steel, grade 304L or even 316L stainless steel for more aggressive environments,
  • swing door frame made of powder-coated steel or grade 304L stainless steel

and different types of technical PVC:

  • slightly blue-tinted, transparent, flexible crystal PVC ,
  • through-coloured opaque or translucent coloured PVC,
  • B-S3, d0 class flame-retardant PVC when a fire rating is required,
  • UV and fire-resistant flexible PVC for welding screens (EN 1598),
  • antistatic PVC for ATEX zones,
  • polar grade PVC for sub-zero temperatures,

They can be fixed, sliding, swivel or even automatic.

This range of flexible PVC swing doors is completed by wall impact protection systems – bump rails and skirting made of high density polyethylene – which preserve and protect infrastructure and premises from knocks from forklift trucks or pallet trucks during handling, loading and unloading operations.

door manufacturer in France

Economical, maintenance-free, reliable, made to measure

As a manufacturer of flexible PVC swing curtains and doors for over 40 years, SPENLE is renowned for the quality and reliability of its products and its know-how. That’s why, for example, one industrial boilermaker entrusted us with the manufacturing of a swing door 8 m wide by 8 m high, and our products are exported to numerous countries.

All our doors are made to your measurements in our factory in Sarrebourg in France, with short lead times and very competitive prices.

Working with SPENLE also means the guarantee of a quality service, unequalled, speedy execution and a team that is always here to listen and help you to find the solution best suited to your needs !

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