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Airtight, fire rated doors

Protection of people against bacteriological or particulate contamination as well as fire

The latest additions to the SPENLE range of airtight doors: AIR&FIRE STOP®, a range of doors that are both airtight and fire-resistant. These doors will keep a room clean and sterile, whilst also providing fire protection for staff and patients.

The SP250 AIR&FIRE STOP® fire doorset consists of a stainless steel frame and a leaf made of fireproof materials with compact laminate board facings resistant to impacts, scratching and most cleaning products.

The silicone perimeter seals and the automatic drop down seal built into the bottom of the door leaf ensure the door is airtight, with very limited and controlled leakage, while intumescent seals fitted on the leaf and frame guarantee an EI30 fire rating.

SPENLE airtight and fire doors

SP250 AIR&FIRE STOP® airtight fire doorsets have test reports issued by COFRAC-accredited test laboratories. They can be equipped with a variety of accessories (door closers, locks with keys, EI30 rated porthole or vision panel, stainless steel or Acrovyn ® kick/push plates) and can be installed in new-build or renovated premises.

Some examples of applications for airtight, fire rated doorsets:

  • Airtight, fire rated service doors at the entrance to the surgical suite of an ophthalmology clinic,
  • Airtight, EI30 fire rated doorsets separating the public corridors from the surgical suite in hospitals.
door making machine at SPENLE in Sarrebourg

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