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Our doors for Laboratories and Hospitals

Airtight doors, X-ray doors, Soundproof/airtight doors, Airtight/fire rated doors

AIR&FIRE STOP® – Our new airtight, fire rated doors

To meet the latest standards and its customers’ needs, SPENLE has recently developed a brand new range of doors that are both airtight and have an EI 30 fire rating: AIR&FIRE STOP®
(Test reports issued by COFRAC-accredited test laboratories)

Technical doors for sensitive, controlled-atmosphere environments

Already recognised an expert in the hospital and clean room worlds, SPENLE has designed a complete range of technical doors for these highly demanding environments: airtight doors or hermetically sealed doors for operating theatres, X-ray doors for radiology and scanner rooms, laboratory doors for research institutes and clean room doors.

door making machine at SPENLE in Sarrebourg

These laboratory doors and hospital doors meet all the requirements specific to these sensitive environments in terms of airtightness, X-ray protection, hygiene, fire protection and containment, and even acoustic comfort: airtight doors play an essential role in controlling laminar flows and constitute a true barrier against particulate contamination, whereas X-ray doors protect patients and staff against radiation. To meet the challenges of the most demanding and complex environments, SPENLE has innovated and developed doors that meet several criteria or requirements for specific properties at the same time, so that it is able to offer doors that are at once airtight and a barrier against X-rays, or airtight and fire rated or airtight and soundproof. The performance of our products has been tested and certified by several independent approved test laboratories

Hygiene, Quality, Precision workmanship, Reliability, Personalisation and custom manufacturing

All our doors for laboratories and hospitals are designed with great attention to their reliability as well as hygiene in order to facilitate cleaning and decontamination of the doors, thanks to:

  • design that favours slightly rounded corners and edges, very smooth surfaces, handles with rounded shapes, and portholes and vision panels that are always flush on both sides,
  • a selection of tough quality materials able to cope with all types of environment (anodised or powder-coated aluminium, grade 304L or 316L stainless steel, compact laminate or HPL board with an anti-bacterial coating, etc.),
  • and high-quality workmanship.

All these doors are custom made and can be tailored to your wishes: choice of finishes and RAL paint colours, porthole or vision panel in your measurements in plain, sandblasted or screen-printed glass, flush-mounted electro-holding magnets, inclusion of a transfer grille – just some of the possible options on our laboratory doors, airtight doors and X-ray doors.

SPENLE factory in Sarrebourg, France

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