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Food industry

Semi-insulated double-swing door – SP900

Consisting of an insulated leaf with a polyurethane foam core, the SP900 semi-insulated double-swing door is designed for frequent passages between two spaces with similar or slightly different temperatures.

An insulated double-swing door for food environments.

It is particularly suited to food industry environments.

For more intense traffic, the SP800 polyethylene double-swing door should be preferred, as it is more resistant to repeated knocks from trucks and to water; it can be hosed down.

ADVANTAGES of the SP900 double-swing door

  • Semi-insulated door – insulates against the cold, heat and noise
  • Lightweight door for high staff traffic
  • High quality door with stainless steel door frame and casing
  • C-shaped door frame fixed with no visible screws for an impeccable finish
  • Stainless steel or Delrin® double-acting hinges with a robust ALL stainless steel mechanism

Food industry

Cold resistant

Superior quality

Professional kitchen

Made to measure

Technical specifications of the SP900 semi-insulated double-swing door

Different stainless steel door frames and mountings

  • U or C-shaped grade 304L stainless steel door frames for mounting on insulated partitions, and L-shaped door frames for overlay mounting or mounting at the front edge of the reveal,
  • Stainless steel plates or Omega profiles for fastening on masonry, an existing frame or a solid structure
SP900 semi-insulated door fittings diagrams

Double-acting hinges

  • SPENLE double-acting hinges with an all stainless steel mechanism and Delrin body – available with or without hold open feature,
  • SPENLE all stainless steel double-acting hinges – available with or without hold open feature – optional,
  • All stainless steel double-acting hinges (without hold open feature) – optional.

Double-swing door leaf

  • 40 mm thick, insulated with injected polyurethane foam – CFC-, HFC- and HCFC-free – density 40 kg/m3,
  • Reinforced with stainless steel edging profile,
  • Facings made of polyester pre-coated steel sheet, 0.75 mm thick for the SP900 model, glass fibre-reinforced polyester for the SP910 model or stainless steel for the SP920 model,
  • EPDM anti-finger pinch seal on the edge of the door leaf,
  • Laminated glass vision panel with EPDM seal – oblong, 350 x 550 mm.
semi-insulated two-way door hinges SP900


  • Stainless steel or Acrovyn® door kick plates,
  • Stainless steel kick plates with integrated door edge guards for high traffic uses
  • Stainless steel push plates,
  • Stainless steel pull handles,
  • Grade 316L stainless steel door frames for the most aggressive atmospheres.

More detailed documentation including drawings, BIM files, etc. can be downloaded here.

Examples of uses of semi-insulated double-swing doors:

  • Semi-insulated double-swing doors in pastry and chocolate-making kitchens,
  • Polyester semi-insulated double-swing doors in meat salteries,
  • Semi-insulated double-swing doors with suspension rail passage in poultry cutting plants.
two-way doors with windows by SPENLE

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