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Food industry

Sliding insulated door (negative T°) – SP500

The SP500 negative-temperature sliding insulated door will be used for the access to freezing chambers in meat cutting and food processing plants and for sub-zero storage in frozen food warehouses.

A negative-temperature sliding insulated door built to last!

A reliable, high quality door with its grade 304L stainless steel casing and frame as well as its enhanced insulation (160 mm thick door leaf), it guarantees sub-zero temperatures in refrigerated chambers are maintained.

The SP500 insulated door is made to measure and supplied ready to fit – for a new installation or to replace an existing door.

ADVANTAGES of the SP500 range of negative-temperature sliding insulated doors

  • Insulated with polyurethane foam – CFC-, HFC- and HCFC-free – density 40 kg/m3,
  • Solid and reliable for intensive use
  • Custom made
  • Facings made of pre-coated steel sheet, glass fibre-reinforced polyester or stainless steel to meet different market needs


Food industry

Cold insulation


Professional kitchen

Superior quality

Made to measure

Technical specifications of the SP500 negative-temperature sliding insulated door

Different door frames and mountings

  • Grade 304L stainless steel casing with a stainless steel thermal break inner casing,
  • Grade 304L stainless steel threshold fitted flush with the floor,
  • Entire assembly (door frame + threshold) reheated by a heater cable (220 volts).

Door leaf

  • 160 mm thick, with a polyurethane foam core – CFC-, HFC- and HCFC-free – density 40 kg/m3,
  • Reinforced with stainless steel edging profile,
  • Facings made of pre-coated steel sheet 0.75 mm thick for the SP500 model, glass fibre-reinforced polyester for the SP510 model and stainless steel for the SP520 model,
  • Replaceable EPDM perimeter seals,
  • Internal and external release handles.



Track made of anodised aluminium or grade 304L stainless steel.

SPENLE sliding isothermal door leaf drawing


  • Stainless steel kick plates,
  • Lock with key,
  • PVC or stainless steel pelmet or track cover,
  • Automatic kit.


Adaptations and variants

  • SP500: negative-temperature insulated door – pre-coated steel sheet 0.75 mm thick – RAL 9010
  • SP510 : negative-temperature glass fibre-reinforced polyester insulated door
  • SP520 : brushed grade 304L stainless steel negative-temperature insulated door


SPENLE red sliding isothermal door


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More detailed documentation including drawings, BIM files, etc. can be downloaded here.

Examples of uses of sliding insulated doors (for negative temperatures):

  • Negative-temperature sliding insulated doors in frozen food warehouses,
  • Negative-temperature sliding insulated doors in processed food freezing chambers,


blue sliding isothermal door for the food industry

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