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SP800 polyethylene double-swing door – The only IMPACT-RESISTANT traffic door!

Excellent resistance to repeated knocks from forklift trucks, can be hosed down, corrosion-proof, the SP800 polyethylene double-swing door developed by SPENLE is perfectly suited to loading bays and circulation aisles in logistics warehouses.

Flexible PVC swing doors – manual or automatic

A comprehensive range of flexible PVC swing doors for industry and logistics platforms

Consisting of a tubular frame made of powder-coated steel or stainless steel, with flexible PVC leaves, flexible swing doors are an excellent solution to improve the insulation of your premises with minimal outlay whilst offering numerous advantages over high-speed or sectional doors:

  • Substantially cheaper to buy and to maintain since no servicing is needed,
  •  Zero failure: since the doors are manual, there is no risk of failure and blocking the flows of traffic around your premises,
  • More effective in preventing heat loss: staff and forklift trucks can pass through at a simple push, and the swing door closes automatically behind them; the opening is therefore limited to the size of the person or vehicle going through the door, unlike high-speed doors which open completely and stay open for much longer as they operate on a timer,
  • These doors allow the passage of tracks or overhead cranes: they are hung on side hinges with no top rail, so tracks and overhead cranes can easily go through them,
  • 100% recyclable.
flexible PVC leaf door SPENLE

Flexible PVC swing doors are much used in industrial settings, in warehouses and distribution centres or in supermarkets. The flexibility of the PVC and the fact that the doors are never locked also means they can serve as emergency exits, when necessary.

SPENLE is THE French specialist in industrial flexible swing doors. It has been manufacturing them since 1977 and is renowned for the quality and reliability of its doors as well as for its know-how, including the construction of doors in non-standard sizes.

SPENLE offers a complete range of swing doors:

  • Flexible swing doors with a powder-coated steel frame,
  • Flexible swing doors with a frame and mechanism made entirely of grade 304L stainless steel

Automatic opening and closing swing doors (with pneumatic cylinders).

door making machine at SPENLE in Sarrebourg

Some examples of applications of flexible PVC swing doors:

  • Flexible double-swing doors installed on loading bays on logistics platforms,
  • Flexible swing doors providing protection against splashing in industrial wash stations,
  • Flexible double-swing doors installed between the sales floor and the storeroom in a shop,
  • Flexible PVC swing doors insulating openings with the passage of tracks in an industrial setting.

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