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SP800 polyethylene double-swing door – The only IMPACT-RESISTANT traffic door!

Excellent resistance to repeated knocks from forklift trucks, can be hosed down, corrosion-proof, the SP800 polyethylene double-swing door developed by SPENLE is perfectly suited to food industry settings.

Polyethylene wall protection system: Food grade wall protection rails and wall protection plinths

Protecting insulated partitions and panels against knocks

To complement its extensive range of doors for the food industry, SPENLE also offers a range of unbreakable, hygienic wall protection rails that meet food standard requirements. The range consists of bump rails and skirting to protect insulated walls and partitions against repeated knocks from trolleys, pallet trucks, trays, etc. and prevent premature deterioration to your premises and production facilities.

Made of solid polyethylene (HDPE) and extremely sturdy, they are also completely waterproof and certified food safe.

SPENLE food grade wall protection baseboard

High density polyethylene wall protectors are the ideal solution both in new-builds and when renovating and bringing your premises up to the latest standard.

SPENLE offers several models of polyethylene wall protectors:

  • Bump rails with rounded top and bottom edges (bevelled possible on request)
  • Polyethylene skirting with heel – with rebate for floor U-profile
  • Straight polyethylene skirting – with rebate for floor U-profile
  • Internal and external corner guards

NEW: Bump rails and skirting with flexible seals guaranteeing a perfectly tight fit against walls and floors for optimum hygiene!

We have developed a highly innovative solution compared to those proposed by other manufacturers, which suffer from breaks in the seal every 2 m, at each join in the rail or skirting strip. The SPENLE solution consists of placing the bump rails and wall skirting first and only clipping on the seal – very easily – afterwards. This ensures a genuine seal along the entire length of the wall or corridor, including at the joins in the rails or skirting strips. In addition, the seal is really fast to clip on, saving time on installation compared to other systems, which require the installers to attach the seal to each length of skirting before fastening it to the floor.

In order to facilitate fitting and avoid mitre cuts on site, SPENLE also provides corner guards for internal and external corners.

All these polyethylene wall protection rails and skirting strips are pre-drilled and supplied with flush screw caps which are invisible once in place for irreproachable hygiene.

These bump rails and skirting are manufactured to your measurements (height, length, thickness) and are available in a huge range of colours from our factory in Eastern France. We guarantee fast manufacturing times – some articles and colours are even available from stock!

SPENLE industry

Bump rails will be fitted on insulated partitions and panels at heights that will depend on the type and height of the trolleys, tubs or trays used. For even greater protection, they can sometimes be fitted at more than one level.

Polyethylene skirting will be fastened to the floor at the bottom of partitions, often with a heel, to prevent trolley wheels from irreversibly damaging insulated panels.

Finally, corner guards protect external corners at corridor entrances, for example.

These wall protections systems are being used more and more often, and not just in agrifood environments.

The mechanical properties of polyethylene and the excellent impact resistance of these protective rails are also much appreciated in industrial and logistics settings, as well as in hospitals, care homes or doctors’ surgeries.

Some examples of applications of polyethylene wall protectors:

  • Polyethylene bump rails protecting insulated panels against knocks from trolleys in abattoirs, meat cutting and processing plants,
  • Polyethylene skirting preventing trolley wheels from damaging the bottom of partitions in cold rooms,
  • Polyethylene bump rails to protect walls in circulation areas in industrial plants and warehouses,
  • Bump rails to protect walls from repeated knocks from chairs in hospital waiting rooms,
  • Wall protectors in wet rooms such as laundry rooms.

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