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SP800 polyethylene double-swing traffic door – The only impact-resistant food industry double-swing door!

Ultra-resistant to incessant knocks from trolleys, can be hosed down, corrosion-proof and certified food safe, the SP800 double-swing door is unrivalled and equips numerous food factories all over the world.

Polyethylene wall impact protection system: Bump rails

Protection of partitions and walls against knocks

Compliance with hygiene and food safety standards also requires well laid-out, well-maintained kitchens and working environment, a clean floor and smooth walls.

Without bump rails on the walls, knocks from trolleys would cause multiple impacts in partitions, the thin layer of paint on the coated sheet metal would start to chip and the metal underneath would then start to rust under the effect of repeated washing.

To prevent these phenomena and protect walls against knocks from pallet trucks, tubs or trolleys, SPENLE offers a complete range of solid high density polyethylene (HDPE) protectors.

red impact-resistant polyethylene wall skirting by SPENLE

These impact protectors are unbreakable, resistant to water and corrosion and certified food grade, which makes them the ideal solution to guarantee the protection of institutional and professional kitchen walls against knocks.

SPENLE offers several types of HDPE wall protectors:

  • Bump rails or strips with rounded edges (or bevelled on request)
  • Polyethylene skirting with heel
  • Straight polyethylene skirting
  • Corner guards

All made to your measurements and available in several colours. They are supplied pre-drilled with polyethylene flush screw caps for a perfect finish and hygiene.

All of these polyethylene wall protection systems are completed by corner guards for internal and external corners, eliminating the need for mitre cuts on site, facilitating fitting and ensuring a perfect finish.

SPENLE industry

NEW: Our bump rails and skirting with flexible seals guaranteeing a perfectly tight fit against walls and floors for irreproachable hygiene!

The latest additions to the range of SPENLE wall protectors, these bump rails and skirting with flexible seals both protect walls against knocks and guarantee a perfect seal against the floor and wall to avoid moisture and washing water building up behind or underneath the protective strips.

The flexible seals clip quickly and easily onto the wall rails after these have been screwed to the partitions, in order to guarantee a tight seal all along the wall.

Some examples of applications of polyethylene wall protection strips:

  • Polyethylene bump rails to protect walls against knocks from trolleys in the corridors of central kitchens,
  • Water-resistant food-grade polyethylene skirting to protect the bottom of partitions in company canteens,
  • Heavy-duty HDPE corner guards to protect walls against knocks during handling operations,
  • Polyethylene skirting with seals to ensure a tight seal with the floor and protect walls against knocks from trolley wheels.

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