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Flexible PVC swing doors SP2000 – the €conomical alternative to high-speed doors

Economical, maintenance and failure-free, no maintenance contract required: the SP2000 flexible PVC double-swing traffic door manufactured by SPENLE offers plenty of advantages over high-speed and sectional doors!

Flexible PVC strip doors and curtains – static or sliding

A comprehensive range of strip curtains for industry and logistics platforms

SPENLE flexible PVC strip curtain

Consisting of strips of flexible PVC suspended from a rail, flexible PVC strip curtains are mainly used to insulate industrial buildings and logistics warehouses from the cold or heat. Their many advantages mean they are omnipresent in industrial buildings and logistics platforms:

  • Particularly economical, easy to install and maintenance-free,
  • Very effective as thermal insulation, to keep in the cold or heat,
  • Extremely practical, they enable the smooth passage of staff and forklift trucks or they can be used to partition off work areas,
  • The flexible PVC strips used can be of different, even very technical types to meet the different requirements of industrial environments:
    • slightly blue-tinted, transparent crystal PVC to maintain brightness and ensure safe passage through openings,
    • through-coloured opaque PVC to protect photo-sensitive products and equipment or conceal a storage room,
    • antistatic PVC for explosive atmospheres and ATEX environments,
    • B-S3, d0 class flame-retardant PVC for use in public access buildings for example,
    • UV-shielding and fire-resistant PVC compliant with standard EN 1598 to provide protection against dangerous radiation and the projection of hot metal during arc welding.
  • Flexible PVC strip curtains can be static or sliding, and complex installations are possible: curved sliding curtains, sliding curtains mounted on multiple rails running in different directions,
  • Hanging rails are made of galvanised steel, grade 304L or even 316L stainless steel,
  • Finally, these flexible PVC strip doors and curtains are made of recycled materials and are themselves entirely recyclable.

SPENLE is renowned for the excellent value for money of its ready-to-install flexible PVC strip doors and curtains and for its L22 hanging rail (developed in-house by SPENLE). This rail is perfectly sealed and self-supporting for lengths up to 3 metres, saving a considerable amount of time on installation compared to competitors’ products.

SPENLE offers a very extensive range of flexible PVC strip curtains and doors:

  • Static strip doors and curtains,
  • Half-static/half-sliding strip doors and curtains,
  • Strip doors and curtains sliding on single or multiple rails,
  • Curved sliding strip doors and curtains

available with all types of flexible PVC strips: transparent crystal, opaque, antistatic, flame-retardant or UV-shielding!

All our doors and curtains are made in France, in our Sarrebourg factory, using quality flexible PVC strips with rounded edges, extruded in France or in Europe.

door making machine at SPENLE in Sarrebourg

Some examples of applications of flexible PVC strip doors and curtains:

  • Flexible PVC strip curtains installed behind sectional doors in factories and warehouses to protect against draughts and insulate against the cold outdoors during loading and unloading operations,
  • Strip curtains to delimit or partition off work areas,
  • Sliding strip doors to free up the full width of an opening for the passage of very large machines or equipment,
  • Flexible PVC strip curtains to insulate warehouses while allowing free movement of overhead cranes,
  • Flame-retardant PVC strip doors installed in exhibition centre halls or entertainment arenas,
  • UV-shielding and fire-resistant PVC strip curtains screening off arc welding stations,
  • Antistatic flexible PVC strip curtains in mines or farm silos,
  • Flexible PVC strip curtains used as temporary thermal insulation on construction sites in winter.

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