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SP130 water-repellent door – Indispensable in food processing and wet environments

Resistant to water, corrosion, fatty acids, excellent impact resistance, food grade: the SP130 water-repellent polyethylene door developed by SPENLE is today the best door available for agrifood environments and wet rooms.

Polyethylene double-swing doors or semi-insulated double-swing doors

A comprehensive offering of traffic doors for the food industry and professional kitchens

SPENLE is widely recognised in France and abroad for the quality and reliability of its double-swing doors for agrifood factories and warehouses, as well as large and professional kitchens. Frequently subjected to intensive use by staff and trolleys, these doors must be very robustly designed and resistant to repeated impacts in line with hygiene standards. It is to meet these requirements that SPENLE has developed its own double-acting hinge (with a very strong stainless steel mechanism and Delrin® body) and manufactures its double-swing doors with grade 304L or 316L stainless steel frames and leaves made of coated sheet steel or stainless steel and polyester or polyethylene facings.

SPENLE red two-way polyethylene door

SPENLE also offers a complete range of double-swing doors:

  • polyethylene double-swing doors –SP800
  • semi-insulated coated sheet steel double-swing doors – SP900
  • semi-insulated polyester double-swing doors – SP910
  • semi-insulated stainless steel double-swing doors – SP920

Semi-insulated doors consist of one insulated leaf injected with polyurethane foam and they are used to separate warm areas from cold areas, for example. As for polyethylene double-swing doors, they consist of one solid polyethylene leaf ultra-resistant to impacts, fatty acids and corrosion. They can be hosed down and are certified food grade. All these properties combined make the P800 polyethylene double-swing door THE best traffic door for food processing and wet environments whenever enhanced thermal insulation is not indispensable.

SPENLE door manufacturing workshop for professionals

Some examples of applications of double-swing doors:

  • Traffic doors in abattoirs and fish processing plants.
  • Impact-resistant double-swing doors on logistics platforms and agrifood warehouses,
  • Traffic doors in professional or institutional kitchens, for example in schools or hospitals,
  • Double-acting doors in food preparation rooms.

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