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Food industry

Semi-insulated service door – SP100 – SP110 – SP120

Lightweight and insulated, the semi-insulated service door is used throughout the food industry as well as in professional restaurant kitchens. It is essentially intended to be used as a staff traffic door in technical areas, locker rooms, offices, preparation or dishwashing rooms.

A semi-insulated service door for food production settings.

Supplied ready to fit and made to your measurements, the SP100-type service door can be installed in insulated partitions, but also on tiled walls or any other type of wall (plasterboard partitions, tubular-framed partitions, etc.).

ADVANTAGES of the service doors in the SP100 range

  • Sturdy and economical
  • Insulated core, CFC-, HFC- and HCFC-free
  • Custom-made doors
  • Door leaf made of pre-coated steel sheet, glass fibre-reinforced polyester or stainless steel
  • Superior quality service doors


Food industry

Cold insulation

Professional kitchen

Superior quality

Made to measure

Technical specifications of the SP100 semi-insulated service door

Different door frames and mountings

  • U or C-shaped grade 304L stainless steel door frames for fitting on sandwich panels, masonry, plasterboard partitions or to cover an existing frame casing,
  • L-shaped door frames for overlay mounting or at the front edge of the reveal, or T-shaped frames for inset mounting in the reveal,
  • EPDM seal in the back of the rabbet ensuring the door is airtight

For your particular requirements, it is possible to design and propose special door frames to meet specific criteria.


Door leaf

  • 40 mm thick, insulated with injected polyurethane foam – CFC-, HFC- and HCFC-free – density 40 kg/m3,
  • Reinforced with stainless steel edging profile,
  • Facings made of pre-coated steel sheet 0.75 mm thick for the SP100 model, glass fibre-reinforced polyester for the SP110 model and grade 304L stainless steel for the SP120 model,
  • Hinges, strike and lever handles made of grade 304L stainless steel, lock with stainless steel faceplate.


semi-insulated white service door


  • Oblong vision panel made of Stadip glass with EPDM seal – 350 x 550 mm,
  • Stainless steel or Acrovyn® kick plates,
  • Door closer,
  • Panic bar with or without outside operation device,
  • Lock with vacant/engaged indicator,
  • Lock with case and mechanism entirely made of grade 304L stainless steel,
  • Electric strike or electromagnetic lock,
  • M0 rockwool insulation
  • Automatic drop down seal ensuring the door is airtight at ground level.

Adaptations and variants

  • SP100: pre-coated steel sheet door leaf 0.75 mm thick – RAL 9010 as standard (other colours available on request)
  • SP110: glass fibre-reinforced polyester door leaf for aggressive environments
  • SP120: brushed grade 304L stainless steel door leaf 0.8 mm thick
  • SP150 HYDROFEU® :EI30 fire-resistant service door with compact laminate door leaf
semi-insulated service door SP100

More detailed documentation including drawings, BIM files, etc. can be downloaded here.

Examples of uses of semi-insulated service doors:

  • Service doors separating different areas in a food processing plant.
  • Polyester semi-insulated doors in artisan cheese dairies.
  • Service doors at the entrance to meat cutting rooms.
  • Technical room access doors in food packing plants.


white service door for the food industry

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