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This Privacy Policy sets out the terms of use of the https://www.spenle-international.com website and covers how the SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT company collects, uses, discloses, transfers and stores personal information. Customer personal data is collected in accordance with existing regulations relating to marketing communications, namely the Law of 21 June 2014 in support of public trust in the digital economy, the Law of 6 August 2004 on information technology and freedom of information, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain to customers of the SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT company how their personal data is collected, used and protected. SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy.

In the event of a substantial change to this privacy policy, SPENLE DEVELOPEPMENT promises to post a warning notice on its https://www.spenle-international.com website at least 30 days prior to its coming into effect. By continuing to use the above-mentioned website after the coming into effect of such amendments, the customer shall be deemed to have given his/her consent.

The https://www.spenle-international.com website may be accessed without the customer revealing his/her identity or any other personal data about him/her. The customer is never under any obligation to reveal any personal data while browsing the https://www.spenle-international.com website. SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT is a French limited liability company with its registered office located at No. 4 Terrace Rhône Alpes, ZAC Les Terrasses de la Sarre, 57400 SARREBOURG, France.

01. Identity of the person responsible for collecting personal data:

Personal data collected during your browsing of the https://www.spenle-international.com website:

The personal data controller, i.e. the person responsible for processing personal data, is Mr. Pascal SPENLE, legal representative of the SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT company.

Address: N° 4 Terrace Rhône Alpes
ZAC Les Terrasses de la Sarre, 57400 SARREBOURG, France.
Phone: +33 (0)3 87 25 78 00
E-mail: info@spenle-international.com

The Data Protection Officer is Mr. Pascal SPENLE, whose e-mail address is info@spenle-international.com.

02. Purposes for data collection:

SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT is likely to process and use all or part of its customers’ personal data for the following purposes:

  • To allow browsing of the https://www.spenle-international.com website: login data and website usage data.
  • To prevent and combat computer fraud (spamming, hacking): computer hardware used for browsing, IP address.
  • To improve the browsing experience of the https://www.spenle-international.com website: login data and website usage data.
  • To carry out communication campaigns: telephone number, e-mail address and identity of any customer who logged in via the Contact form. What data is collected and when it is collected:

03. What data is collected and when it is collected:

The https://www.spenle-international.com website is a showcase website aiming to give an overview of the SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT company and its products.

SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT may collect personal data on its customers:

  • Whenever a customer browses to the https://www.spenle-international.com website;
  • Whenever a customer contacts Customer Service via the Contact form of the https://www.spenle-international.com website.

The following data is collected: last name, first name, company name, postal address, postal code, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address, login data and browsing data.

By providing all of the above information, the customer agrees that the data will be collected and processed by SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT for the purposes indicated above.

SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT promises not to market personal data collected from its customers or providers. This personal data will only be used for the purposes listed above or for statistical and analytical purposes.

04. Use of Internet cookies and tags:

By browsing the https://www.spenle-international.com website, the customer is hereby informed that one or more cookies may be installed on his browser, and in particular cookies allowing for the collection of general statistics on the use of the https://www.spenle-international.com website.

Such statistical processes are anonymous in nature and can be used, for example, to count the number of people visiting a particular web page or the number of people returning to a website.

Such cookies are not intended to follow up on a particular customer, the aim being solely to improve the quality of the https://www.spenle-international.com website and to write relevant containers for customers visiting the website.

However, the customer may freely, at any time, delete these cookies from his/her browser and may also configure his/her personal browser to accept or reject cookies as he/she pleases.

Should a customer choose to configure his/her browser to reject cookies, SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT hereby informs the customer that, in this case, some features of the customer’s browser may not be available.

Similarly, should the customer refuse to store cookies on his/her device, the customer is hereby informed that his/her browsing experience on the https://www.spenle-international.com website may be limited. In such a case, SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT accepts no liability for any consequences of impaired operation of the https://www.spenle-international.com website, including of services offered by SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT, resulting either from a refusal by the customer to store cookies or from the inability of SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT to store or read its cookies, as may be necessary for proper operation, due a choice made by the customer.

05. Use of personal data and retention periods for personal data:
a. Use of personal data

SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT may collect a customer’s personal data whenever the customer:

  • Browses the https://www.spenle-international.com website; or
  • Contacts Customer Service using the Contact form available on the https://www.spenle-international.com website.

The legal basis is consent (per Article 6.1.A).

b. Retention period for personal data

Personal data collected via the Contact form available on the https://www.spenle-international.com website shall not be retained longer than 3 years.

Consent of customers visiting the https://www.spenle-international.com website with regard to cookie processing must be renewed every 13 months.

06. Recipient of personal data collected:

The recipients of personal data collected may be:

  • Mr Pascal SPENLE;
  • Members of the Sales team of the SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT.

SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT shall only use personal data collected on its customers for the above-mentioned predefined purposes, of which the customers have been informed.

07. Data transfer outside the EU:

No data collected by the SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT shall be transferred outside the European Union, or to any country deemed “inappropriate” by the European Commission without prior notice to the customer.

SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT remains free to select which technical and commercial subcontractors it will use as data processors provided that they offer sufficient guarantee with regard to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

08. Right of access, right of rectification and right to object:

The customer has the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time by sending an e-mail or a letter to the following address:

M. Pascal SPENLE
Terrasse Rhône Alpes
4, ZAC les terrasses de la Sarre
E-mail : info@spenle-international.com

According to the existing European regulations in force, users of the https://www.spenle-international.com website also have the following rights:

  • The right to interrogate and access their customer data, the right to have their customer data corrected, updated or complemented, and the right to have their personal data locked or erased whenever said data is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous, outdated, or whenever its collection, use, communication or retention is prohibited;

The customer has a right to impose a limitation to the processing of his/her data.

The customer also has a right to object to the processing of his/her personal data.

The customer also has a right to obtain the portability of the data he/she provided wherever such data is subject to automated processing based on customer consent or contract.

Finally, the customer has the right to determine the fate of his/her personal data after his/her death, and to name ahead of time a third party to whom SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT shall share (or not share) said data after his/her death.

As soon as SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT is made aware of the death of a customer and in the absence of specific instructions from the latter, SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT promises to destroy the customer’s data unless retention of such data is necessary in order to serve as evidence or to fulfil a legal obligation.

The customer may, at any time, contact SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT if he/she wishes to obtain further details on how SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT uses his/her personal data, or if he/she wishes to have the data corrected or deleted, or if he/she objects to the processing of his/her data.

The customer must contact SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT in writing at the following address:

Mr. Pascal SPENLE
N° 4 Terrace Rhône Alpes
ZAC Les Terrasses de la Sarre, 57400 SARREBOURG, France.
Phone: +33 (0)3 87 25 78 00
E-mail: info@spenle-international.com

The customer must indicate the personal data that he/she requests to have corrected, updated or deleted and must identify himself/herself unequivocally by attaching to the request a copy of his/her official identity document.

Finally, each customer has the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, such as can be contacted at the following address: CNIL, 3 place de Fontenoy, TSA 87115, 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07.

09. Security of personal data collected:

SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT promises to take all necessary precautions to preserve the security of the data it collects, and particularly to ensure that such data is not disclosed to unauthorized persons.

Should it become aware of an incident having compromised the integrity or confidentiality of the customer’s data, SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT shall promptly inform the customer of the matter while indicating which corrective measures have been taken.

It should also be stated that SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT does not collect any sensitive data.

In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of users’ personal data, SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT shall use networks protected by standard devices and practices such as firewalls, pseudonymisation, encryption and passwords.

Whenever it processes personal data, SPENLE DEVELOPPEMENT shall take all reasonable precautions to protect such data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.