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Food industry

Swing insulated door (positive T°) – SP200

Designed as a heavy duty door and made of superior quality materials with its grade 304L stainless steel door frame and casing, the SP200 insulated door is built to last!

An insulated door for cold rooms storing chilled goods.

With its extra insulation, it helps maintain temperatures and hygrometry in cold rooms, guaranteeing the cold chain is not broken and helping conserve foodstuffs and chilled products.

It is essentially designed for the passage of staff and small trolleys.

Made to measure and supplied ready to fit, the SP200 insulated door can be installed in new build as well as renovation projects.

ADVANTAGES of the SP200 range of positive-temperature swing insulated doors

  • Reliable, high quality door with brushed grade 304L stainless steel door frame and casing
  • 40 mm thick, insulated with injected polyurethane foam – CFC-, HFC- and HCFC-free – density 40 kg/m3,
  • Custom made to your measurements – new build or renovation
  • Door leaf made of polyester pre-coated steel sheet, glass fibre-reinforced polyester or stainless steel


Food industry

Cold insulation

Professional kitchen

Superior quality

Made to measure

Technical specifications of the SP200 positive-temperature insulated door

Different door frames and mountings

  • C-shaped grade 304L stainless steel wrap around door frames for fitting on insulated panels, plasterboard partitions or to cover an existing casing,
  • L-shaped door frames for overlay mounting or at the front edge of the reveal,
  • Special door frames for mounting at the front edge of the reveal with conservation of a maximum opening width.

Special door frames or fixings can also be studied and offered as options, especially for your renovation needs.

Door leaf

  • 60 or 80 mm thick, with a polyurethane foam insulated core – CFC-, HFC- and HCFC-free – density 40 kg/m3,
  • Door leaf edged with a stainless steel profile 1.5 mm thick,
  • Facings made of pre-coated steel sheet 0.75 mm thick for the SP200 model, glass fibre-reinforced polyester for the SP210 model and stainless steel for the SP220 model,
  • Fermod composite rising butt hinges and lock with mushroom head button-type interior safety release,
  • Replaceable EPDM perimeter seals.
pivoting isothermal door leaf drawing


  • Insulated porthole/vision panel with brushed grade 304L stainless steel glazing bead – 400 x 400 mm,
  • Stainless steel kick plates,
  • Panic bar,
  • Overhead rail passage,
  • M0 rockwool insulation.

Adaptations and variants

  • SP200: insulated pre-coated steel sheet door leaf 0.75 mm thick – RAL 9010
  • SP210 : glass fibre-reinforced polyester insulated door leaf for aggressive environments
  • SP220 : brushed grade 304L stainless steel insulated door leaf


yellow pivoting insulated door for the food industry


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More detailed documentation including drawings, BIM files, etc. can be downloaded here downloaded here.

Examples of uses of swing insulated doors (for positive temperatures):

  • Swing insulated doors for cold rooms in professional kitchens.
  • Insulated access doors for chilled food or fruit and vegetable stores in mass distribution warehouses.
  • Positive-temperature polyester insulated doors at the entrance to cheese aging rooms.
  • Swing insulated access doors to raw ingredients stores in a cooked meat preparation plant.


yellow pivoting insulated door for the food industry

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