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NEW: Food industry wall protectors with flexible seals

The latest additions to the range of SPENLE wall protectors, bump rails and skirting with seals provide both excellent impact resistance and a very tight seal with insulated partitions for irreproachable hygiene.

Swing or sliding insulated doors, Insulated pre-hung doorsets, insulated cold room doors

A range of doors for cold rooms and fast-freeze units

Food industry plants, like large professional kitchens and cold storage warehouses, are very often subject to strict temperature requirements concerning their products, most often to insulate chilled food from heat and maintain cold storage temperatures (whether above zero for chillers or below zero for freezers and deep freezers), but also in some cases to preserve very precise humidity rates.

SPENLE red sliding isothermal door

SPENLE manufactures a comprehensive range of sturdy high-performance insulated cold room doors which will enable you to store, process and pack food your food and agrifood products in line with the health and safety requirements:

  • insulated swing doors for positive temperature cold rooms or insulated pre-hung doorsetsSP200
  • insulated swing doors for freezer rooms – SP300
  • insulated sliding doors for positive temperature cold rooms – SP400
  • insulated swing doors for freezer cold rooms – SP500

These cold room doors provide access for staff as well trolleys to temperate areas, cooling rooms or freezing and deep freezing units.

SP400 positive-temperature sliding doors and SP200 insulated pre-hung doorsets are doors that can be fitted in chiller rooms where the temperature is positive, whereas negative temperature insulated doors – SP300 and SP500 – have thicker insulation and a thermal break feature and are fitted with an antifreeze heater cable so that they can be installed on the doors to fast-freeze and deep freeze units.

SPENLE factory in Sarrebourg, France

All SPENLE insulated doors are custom made. They have stainless steel door frames (304L or 316L), leaves with pre-coated sheet steel, polyester or stainless steel facings, and anodised aluminium or stainless steel tracks for sliding doors.

The leaves are injected with polyurethane foam between 60 and 160 mm thick depending on the different needs of food industry users.

Some applications of insulated doors

  • Insulated sliding doors in fresh food warehouses,
  • Insulated pre-hung doorsets for cold rooms in professional or school kitchens,
  • Negative-temperature insulated swing doors for fast-freeze units,
  • Positive-temperature insulated doors for fresh food stores in supermarkets and other mass retail outlets,
  • Positive-temperature sliding doors in abattoirs, meat cutting and packing plants,
  • Insulated polyester doors installed in cheese dairies.

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