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Our doors and wall protection systems for the Food Industry

Semi-insulated service doors, Insulated doors, Double-swing traffic doors and Water-repellent polyethylene doors, Wall impact protection systems and Strip curtains for cold rooms.

SP800 polyethylene double-swing traffic door – The only impact-resistant food industry double-swing door!

Ultra-resistant to incessant knocks from trolleys, can be hosed down, corrosion-proof and certified food safe, the SP800 double-swing door is unequalled by any rival and equips numerous food factories all over the world.

Hinged service doors and wall protection systems for institutional and commercial kitchens and the food industry

The needs of the food industry can vary considerably, but all food industry sites are very demanding when it comes to their infrastructure and premises:

  • need to maintain the cold chain for chilled products or maintain high temperatures in hot food preparation rooms, for example,
  • materials resistant to moisture, saline and corrosive atmospheres (such as in cheese dairies, meat salteries or fish processing plants),
  • materials resistant to the cleaning products used to guarantee hygienic production facilities, etc.
SPENLE industry

To meet all these requirements, SPENLE has developed a comprehensive range of insulated hinged service door, water-repellent doors for commercial and institutional kitchens, double-swing doors and strip curtains for chiller and freezer-type cold storage. Made of materials such as grade 304L or 316L stainless steel, coated sheet steel, polyester, food-grade polyethylene or negative temperature resistant flexible PVC for fast-freeze units, they meet all its customers’ different requirements.

This range of commercial kitchen doors is complemented by hygienic wall protectors – polyethylene bump rails and skirting – to protect walls and insulated partitions against knocks from trolleys and carts.

professional door manufacturing

Reliability, Durability, Quality, Hygiene and custom-made products

With the hinged service doors specially designed for food industry environments, SPENLE enjoys recognition as a top-of-the-range manufacturer of:

  • quality, reliable and sturdy doors,
  • doors made of materials like stainless steel rather than aluminium,
  • doors supplied ready to fit,
  • custom-made doors so that it is always able to offer its customers an optimum solution, even for complex renovation projects,

and all at competitive prices!

All our hinged service doors are made in France, in our own factory and to your particular specifications: materials, colours, portholes and vision panels, different types of door protectors, electric strikes, panic bars and ventilation grilles are just some of the options available on our commercial kitchen doors.

Choosing SPENLE also means the guarantee of a responsive, quality service and a team that is always keen to find solutions to your most complex requests!

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