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Our doors and wall protection systems for Restaurants, Professional and Institutional Kitchens

Water-repellent and water-resistant doors, insulated and semi-insulated doors, Double-swing traffic doors, Fire rated doors and Wall protection systems.

HYDROFEU® – Our new water-repellent, water-resistant and fire-resistant doors

To meet the latest standards and its customers’ needs, SPENLE has recently developed a brand new range of doors that are both water-repellent and have an EI 30 fire rating: the HYDROFEU® range
(Test reports issued by COFRAC-accredited test laboratories)

Doors for restaurant kitchens – professional and institutional kitchens

Professional and institutional kitchens have been completely transformed in the last few years in order to be able to guarantee food safety for their customers and comply with hygiene standards which have become particularly demanding. All parts of these premises (walls, ceilings, floors, doors), including furniture and equipment, have to comply fully with all current legislation and staff have to follow numerous protocols (cleaning, maintaining the cold chain for fresh produce, etc.).

manufacture of technical doors by SPENLE

SPENLE has developed a complete range of kitchen doors for restaurants, as well as professional and institutional kitchens, which enable their operators to comply with these hygiene rules and completely control the health risk:

  • food standard water-repellent doors – service doors, impact and water-resistant polyethylene traffic doors,
  • water-repellent fire doors – doors resistant to both humid atmospheres and fire to guarantee the safety of kitchen staff and restaurant diners,
  • semi-insulated doors restaurant kitchen doors, which maintain correct temperatures in the premises,
  • wall protection systems – bump rails and skirting made of food-grade polyethylene, smooth and unbreakable, to protect against knocks from trolleys.
SPENLE door manufacturing workshop for professionals

Compliance with hygiene rules, Reliability, Quality, Custom-made products

All these wall protection systems and restaurant kitchen doors are:

  • made with food-grade, rot-proof materials such as grade 304L or 316L stainless steel, polyester or polyethylene,
  • very sturdy, made to a high quality with precision workmanship,
  • supplied ready to fit,
  • made to your measurements for installation in both new-build and renovated premises (for example, when kitchens are upgraded to meet the latest standards),

and excellent value for money.

SPENLE is a French manufacturer with a particular reputation in the restaurant world – from the kitchens of small restaurants to those of the gastronomic restaurants of great chefs, as well as company and school canteen kitchens – and especially well-known for its water repellent polyethylene doors, which today are the best solution to guarantee food safety in kitchens.

Choosing SPENLE for the kitchen doors in your restaurant means guaranteed quality and a devoted sales teams ready and able to offer the very best solutions!

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