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Our achievements

An overview of some of the projects we have completed. SPENLE doors are installed in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Airtight doors, lead lined X-ray doors, laboratory doors or soundproofing, airtight doors

Country City Achievement
Austria Vienna Sliding airtight doors - Pharmaceutical laboratory
Djibouti Djibouti Swing airtight and X-ray doors - Hospital
France Paris 15 Sliding airtight doors - Hospital
France Paris 10 Sliding and swing airtight doors - Hospital
France Paris 16 Sliding airtight doors - Plastic surgery clinic
France Chilly Mazarin Airtight and X-ray protection swing doors - Pharmaceutical laboratory
France Auxerre Sliding airtight doors - Pharmaceutical laboratory
France St Laurent du Var Sliding airtight and lead lined doors - Hospital
France Marseilles Lead lined sliding airtight doors - Hospital
France Strasbourg Sliding airtight doors - Hospital
France Bordeaux Sliding airtight, X-ray doors - Cancer treatment centre
France Fort de France Sliding and swing airtight doors - Hospital
Singapore Singapore Swing airtight doors - Hospital
Tanzania Dar es Salam Swing airtight doors - Hospital
Vietnam Hanoi Swing airtight doors - Hospital


Insulated doors, double-swing doors, food industry doors, bump rails and skirting for wall protection

Country City Achievement
Germany Nuremberg Polyethylene double-swing doors - Delicatessen
Belgium Liège Swing insulated doors - Chocolate factory
Belgique Verviers Polyethylene double-swing doors - Biscuit factory
Chine Tianjin Insulated doors and polyethylene swing doors - Cheese factory
France Avignon Polyethylene double-swing doors - Abattoir/Meat processing plant
France Boulogne sur Mer Polyethylene double-swing doors - Fish processing plant
France Hénin-Beaumont Polyethylene double-swing doors - Poultry processing plant
France Rennes Polyethylene double-swing doors - Pig abattoir
France Pontarlier Polyethylene double-swing doors - Cheese dairy
France Auxerre Polyethylene double-swing doors - Industrial bakery
France St Brieuc Polyethylene wall protection - Biscuit factory
France Epinal Swing insulated doors - Cheese dairy
Suisse Satigny Sliding insulated doors - Pork butcher's
Tunisie Sidi Bouzid Insulated doors and service doors - Diary products factory
Tunisie Bousalem Polyethylene double-swing doors and semi-insulated doors - Dairy products factory


Water-repellent doors, restaurant kitchen doors, insulated pre-hung doorsets, kitchen fire doors

Country City Achievement
Belgium Courtrai Polyethylene double-swing doors - Kitchen of a special needs school
Belgium Brussels Polyethylene double-swing doors - Kitchens of European Institutions
United Arab Emirates Dubai Polyethylene water-repellent doors - Airline caterer
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Polyethylene water-repellent doors - Hospital kitchen
France Paris Polyethylene swing doors - Brasserie
France Paris Service doors - Crèche
France Paris Polyethylene water-repellent doors - Company canteen
France Versailles Polyethylene water-repellent doors - Care home kitchen
France Marseille Polyethylene double-swing traffic doors and service doors - 4-star hotel
France Lille Polyethylene wall protection - Fast food outlet
France Toulouse Polyethylene double-swing doors - Company canteen
France Lens Polyethylene water-repellent doors - School canteen
France St Pierre - La Réunion Polyethylene double-swing doors - Central kitchen
Grenade St Georges Polyethylene water-repellent doors - Kitchen of a luxury 5-star hotel
Morocco Casablanca Polyethylene wall protection - Kitchen of a large cultural centre


PVC strip curtains, Sliding strip curtains, flexible PVC swing doors, wall protection systems

Country City Achievement
Germany Rheinbach Strip curtains - Engineering industry
Germany Tuningen Flexible PVC swing doors - - Electronic components manufacturer
Germany Hambourg Strip curtains - Logistics warehouse
Ivory Coast Abidjan Flexible PVC strips - Packaging factory
Spain Barcelona Strip curtains - Partitioning off of workstations
France Flamanville Strip curtains - Power station
France Sevrey Strip curtains - Warehouse of an electronics trading company
France Strasbourg Strip curtains - Refrigerated warehouses
France Faulquemont Strip curtains - Boiler manufacturer
France Drulingen Flexible swing doors - Industrial boilermaking plant
France Paris Flexible swing doors - Manufacturer of industrial paint booths
France Tarbes Flexible swing doors - Supermarket logistics centre
Irlande Galway Flexible swing doors - Production plant
Italie Brindisi Strip curtains - Company specialising in machining composites

Examples of achievements

Discover some examples of SPENLE doors in situation

SPENLE sliding watertight door in a Parisian hospital
Hospitals / Laboratories : Airtight sliding door – Hospital in Paris
porte hydrofuge en polyéthylène SPENLE dans une cuisine scolaire
Kitchens / Restaurants : Water-repellent polyethylene door – school catering – Lille area
X-ray sliding door in a scanner room in a hospital
Hospitals / Laboratories : X-ray sliding door – Medical care in Paris area
portes va-et-vient en polyéthylène SPENLE dans une fromagerie artisanale en Allemagne
Food industry : Polyethylene double swing traffic door – Cheese diary – Germany
waterproof and anti-X SPNELE doors in a cancer institute
Hospitals / Laboratories : Airtight and X-ray sliding door – Cancer institute – Southwest France
SPENLE strip curtain in a store warehouse
Industry / Logistics : Soft pvc strip curtain – Warehouse – Southeast France
flexible PVC leaf door SPENLE
Industry / Logistics : Flexible pvc swing door – Factory – Alsace region
SPENLE polyethylene swing doors in a company canteen
Kitchens / Restaurants : Polyethylene double action swing door – Corporate restaurant – West France

HYDROFEU® – Our new water-repellent and fire-resistant doors

Insensitive to water and with an EI30 fire rating, HYDROFEU® doors developed by SPENLE offer a solution that meets both new safety standards and health requirements

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