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€conomical and effective, the L22 strip curtain has still has plenty of mileage in it!

Originally marketed as insulation for openings, the L22 flexible PVC strip curtain designed by SPENLE just keeps on finding more applications.

Wall impact protection systems: Ultra heavy duty bump rails and skirting made of high density polyethylene

Protection of walls and industrial premises against knocks from forklift trucks

There is often a constant flow of forklift trucks on the loading docks of industrial production plants and logistics platforms: loading, unloading, moving, stowing, stacking, stocking, etc. The comings and goings are incessant and bumps and knocks are common, which can quickly lead to the deterioration of the premises if no preventive and protective measures are taken.

These will involve internal organisation measures within the factory with the marking off of aisles and introduction of a direction of circulation, but also the installation of physical protection systems for storage racks, barriers and wall impact protection systems.

SPENLE therefore offers wall protection systems made of solid high density polyethylene – skirting at floor level and bump rails along the walls – which protect partition walls in industrial premises and warehouses against knocks from pallet trucks and forklift trucks.

These polyethylene wall protection systems are extremely resistant to impacts, water, cleaning products and corrosion, easy to fit and excellent value for money.

The SPENLE range consists of:

  • Bump rails to screw into walls,
  • Polyethylene skirting to fasten to the floor,
  • Polyethylene corner guards.

All these items are available in different thicknesses and supplied pre-drilled and with polyethylene flush screw caps for a perfect finish!

Bump rails and skirting in standard colours and sizes are available from stock, and others are custom manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

door making machine at SPENLE in Sarrebourg

NEW:Bump rails and skirting with flexible seals guaranteeing a perfectly tight fit against walls and floors for optimum hygiene!

Initially used mainly in food industry settings, these solid polyethylene wall protection systems are now spreading to more and more different industrial environments. Polyethylene’s extreme impact resistance, its insensitivity to water and cleaning products and the ease of installation of these protection systems make them a prime choice.

Some examples of applications of polyethylene wall impact protection systems:

  • Impact protection on the walls of circulation corridors on logistics platforms,
  • Bump rails installed along the walls of unloading docks in factories and warehouses,
  • Waterproof wall protection in industrial laundries,
  • Polyethylene skirting and corner guards protecting walls against knocks from pallet trucks,
  • Bump rails in wash stations.

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