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Hermetic swing door – SP 250


The SP 250 hermetic door has been developed to keep rooms airtight and thus effectively combat the risks of bacteriological or particle contamination. It is designed for clean rooms, laboratories, operating theatres and other controlled-environment areas.


SP 250 airtight doors are designed to address hygiene and decontamination requirements and are available in two versions - a standard version and a high-performance version (SP 250 HP) that meets the most stringent standards.

The performance of SP 250 hermetic doors has been tested and certified by several test laboratories; the doors have the airtightness properties below:

  • SP 250 : leakage rate < 2.21 m3/m2/h at 20 PA and < 3.78 m3/m2/h at 50 PA
  • SP 250 HP : leakage rate < 0.43 m3/m2/h at 20 PA and < 0.80 m3/m2/h at 50 PA


  • HPL laminate with anti-bacterial treatment, Acrovyn, painted steel (15µ as standard or PET 55µ or thermo-coated) or 304L stainless steel.
  • protected by a frame with rounded edges in aluminium or brushed stainless steel.
  • laminated glass sight hole, flush on both sides.
  • handles and hinges in 304L stainless steel or reinforced nylon.
  • automatic door bottom for floor sealing.


Door frames

  • Frame and counter frame in aluminium profile with rounded edges or welded 304L stainless steel, adapted to the partition.
  • Replaceable silicone perimeter gasket.


  • Door closer.
  • Sight hole with integrated venetian blind.
  • Acrovyn or brushed stainless steel lower door protection.
  • Leaded leaf, frame and sight hole (X-ray protection) – SP 250X.
  • Sound-proofing and attenuation up to -35dB (CSTB report)– SP 250 STILLROOM®
  • Air lock interlock system using electromagnetic suction cup.
  • Access control with door opener keypad or biometric reader.
  • Flow-adjustable transfer grille.
  • Automatic kit.

A few examples of application - airtight swing doors


  • Hermetic air lock doors for clean rooms and pharmaceuticals, chemicals and electronics industries.
  • Airtight doors for research laboratories.
  • Hermetic access doors to containment zones, animal houses etc.

Hermetic swing door - Documentation

SP 250 EN


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