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Polyethylene double action swing door - SP 800


Extremely impact-resistant, resistant to water and corrosion and made from materials that comply with food standards (high-density polyethylene, stainless steel etc.), the SP 800 double acting door (or swing door) is particularly suited to the environments of the food industry, professional kitchens and other humid environments.

Made to measure and carefully finished, the SP 800 polyethylene double-action door is delivered ready for fitting.


  • In solid through-dyed high-density polyethylene (HDPE 500), 15 mm thick
  • Rear reinforcement with stainless steel U profile
  • Soft finger-safe gasket with rounded edges
  • PMMA window, 15mm thick, flush on both sides for perfect hygiene
    (round with 350 mm dia. as standard; other sizes available as an option)


Bleu océan

Rouge coquelicot

Noir ardoise

Gris perle

Blanc neige

Vert émeraude

Vert citron

Jaune mimosa


  • Delrin double-action hinges with full stainless steel mechanism, with or without 90° blocking system
  • or double-action hinges in stainless steel (optional)



  • U or C shaped 304L stainless steel frames for fitting on insulated panels and partitions
  • or stainless steel plates or Omega profile for fastening on brickwork, existing frame or on a solid framework  (special frames and fasteners can also be studied and offered as an option)



  • Sight hole, flush on both sides, oblong 300 x 500 mm or elliptical 250 x 400 mm
  • Stainless steel or polyethylene door protection
  • Wing profile protection in polyethylene or stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty use (full stainless steel hinges and finger-safe system at the top only)
  • Single-action operation for movements in one direction only
  • Leaf locking with or without a key


SP 800 C polyethylene sliding door with 1 or 2 leaves

A few examples of application - polyethylene double-action doors

  • Impact-resistant double acting doors for food factories, abattoirs, fish, dairy or cheese processing facilities etc.
  • Water-repellent polyethylene swing door for restaurant kitchens and school canteens
  • Moisture-resistant washable polyethylene doors for locker rooms
  • Rugged double action polyethylene doors for industrial storage halls

Polyethylene double acting swing door - Documentation

SP800 EN


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