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Flexible PVC strip curtain - L22


Very effective insulation for a smaller cost! The L22 flexible strip curtain provides a simple, efficient and highly cost-effective solution to insulate your rooms. It will allow you to protect your personnel, products and materials from the cold or heat, draughts, dust and noise, and allow you to make significant energy savings 


The L22 flexible strip door is characterised by the quality of its materials; its unique and innovative fastening system guarantees better sealing than conventional strip curtains and quicker fitting. It is made to measure and supplied ready for installation, and will fulfil all your requirements.

Different strip types

Standard strips

  • Strips in crystal flexible PVC with rounded edges
  • Strip width: 100, 200, 300 or 400 mm
  • Partial or total overlap to adapt to your requirement

Special strips and engineered PVC

  • Strips in extreme cold PVC or polar grade PVC for sub-zero temperatures
  • Strips in opaque PVC through dyed in colours silver grey, orange, white
  • Strips in antistatic PVC – for ATEX environments and clean rooms
  • Strips in fire-retardant PVC, B-s3-d0 fire class
  • Strips in anti-UV PVC and EN 1598 anti-UV for welding screens
  • Strips in flexible translucent PVC in different colours


PVC strip rolls and replacement strips (cut and punched to your measurements) are also available - please see our spare parts pages.

Fastening systems

Type L22 – Innovation from SPENLE

  • Fully sealed and closed profile, for improved insulation.
  • The L22 fastening system is made up of a base with integral studs and a cover, and is the easiest and fastest fitting system available in the market. 
  • 20/10 galvanised steel, 304L or 316L stainless steel for more demanding environments.


Type D22

  • Detachable fastening system in galvanised steel or 304L stainless steel.
  • Tilting strips held between plates and counter plates made of galvanised steel or 304L stainless steel.


Type O22

  • Fastening that is particularly suitable for very low openings.
  • Tilting strips fitted on a tube made in galvanised steel or 304L stainless steel using polyethylene shells.


Type L22C, sliding strip door

  • With an L22 type section fitted on a Sportub track made in galvanised steel or stainless steel with double rollers
  • Controlled by a cord
  • Optional system for blocking in the open or closed position


This sliding door is available in single, double or triple sliding versions and even in a curved sliding version.

SPENLE strip curtains can be fitted under a lintel or surface mounted above an opening. We can also provide solutions for particular cases, such as fastening with brackets or fastening under I-beams by clipping on, for example.

All our flexible strip doors are made to your measurements and delivered ready for assembly - ultra-fast installation guaranteed.

A few examples of application - flexible PVC strip doors


  • Area insulation
  • Doubling of sectional doors and metal curtains for loading docks
  • Polar grade PVC strip curtains for cold storage and refrigerated vehicles
  • Temporary and very cost-effective insulation for building sites
  • Flexible partitioning and separation of work stations
  • Welding screens with anti-UV strips
  • Clean room conditioning cabins in flexible antistatic PVC

Flexible PVC strip curtain - Documentation

L22 EN


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