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Flexible strip doors and swing doors for cold storage L22 & O22


Flexible PVC  strip curtains are particularly effective for reducing thermal exchange and maintaining low temperatures when the doors of cold storage or refrigerant cells are open.

They are fully transparent and can also insulate and partition high-traffic areas

L22 or O22 strip doors for cold storage rooms

  • Fastening profile in galvanised steel or 304L stainless steel. Closed, sealed and easy-to-clean profile - Model L22.
  • Tilting fastening - polyethylene shells mounted on galvanised steel or 304L stainless steel tube - Model O22.
  • Flexible strips in crystal (temp. above zero) or polar grade (sub-zero temp. – extreme cold) PVC.


SP 2100  flexible swing doors offer the dual  benefit of being particularly resistant to corrosion and impacts. They are chiefly designed for areas with heavy traffic and for openings with track passage


  • Flexible swing doors and stainless steel framework – SP 2100 :
  • 304L stainless steel tubular frame with torsion spring return system integrated in the framework.
  • flexible transparent PVC leaves with or without lower or upper impact areas.


A few examples of application - flexible doors for the food industry


  • Doubling of cold storage or refrigerant vehicle doors
  • Closing of openings with track passage
  • Insulation of unloading docks of refrigerated warehouses

Flexible strip doors and swing doors for cold storage - Documentation

L22 EN


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