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Spare parts for hermetically sealed doors - clean rooms and hospitals

Direct access to the different spare parts


Silicone gaskets and profiles for hermetic doors

Silicone gasket for hermetically sealed sliding door

joint de porte hermetique coulissante

Silisone gasket for hermetic sliding door - black - sold / meter

Ref. 10 489 S

Floor gasket for hermetic sliding door

joint au sol pour porte coulissante etanche

Silicone floor gasket for airtight sliding door - light grey - sold / meter

Ref. 6 SD 6-110

Silicone gasket

Gasket for hermetic door, - light grey - sold / meter
Ref. 6 SD 6-120

Silicone gasket for hermetic swing door and service hatche

joint silicone pour porte battante etanche a l air

Gasket for service hatches and airtight door - grey - sold /meter

Ref. 5 SD 6-810

Silicone gasket for clean room door

Hermetically sealed swing door gasket - grey - sold / meter
Ref. 245 S

joint de porte etanche battante SP 250

Hermetic swing door gasket - aluminium frame

Gasket for hermetic swing door - grey - sold / meter
Ref. 5 SD 6-800

Flat silicone gasket

Flat gasket - light grey, white or dark grey - sold / meter
Ref. 6 SD 6-130

PVC profile for gaskets

l Pvc profile for gasket fitting - compatible with gasket 10 489 E, 13 771 E - 4 m / unit
Ref. 6 SD 6-801

Rollers for hermetic sliding doors

Composite roller SPENLE for hermetically sealed sliding door

galet de roulement porte etanche SP 450

SPENLE roller in ertalon for hermetic sliding door
Ref. 6 SD 2-210

New generation roller for SPENLE airtight sliding door

roulette porte etanche coulissante hopital

Composite roller SPENLE for airtight sliding door
Ref. 6 SD 2-220

Floor guides for hermetic sliding door

Opening floor guide

guide au sol de porte etanche coulissante bloc operatoire

Composit floor guide - opening side - black
Ref. 6SD 2-240

Closing floor guide

guide au sol pour porte hermetique bloc operatoire

Composit floor guide - closing side - black
Ref. 6 SD 2-250

Hinges for hermetic doors

Reinforced polyamid hinges

charnieres polyamide portes battantes

Hermetic swing door hinges in reinforced polyamid
Ref. 5 SD 3-200 B (white)
Ref. 5 SD 3-200 G (light grey)
Other colors available on demand

Pull handles and flush handles for clean room doors

Reinforced polyamid pull handle

Polyamid pull handle with roses - white or grey
Ref. 6 SD 4-200 B (white colour)
Ref. 6 SD 4-200 G (grey colour)

Stainless steel pull handle

poignee de tirage inox pour porte battante

304L stainless steel pull handle with roses
Ref. 6 SD 4-210

Flush sliding door handles - painted steel or stainless steel

poignee cuvette en inox et acier laque porte coulissante

Hygienic flush handles for sliding doors
Ref. 6 SD 4-220 (304L stainless steel)
Ref. 6 SD 4-225 (white painted steel)

Silicone gaskets for hermetic doors

Polyamid rollers for hermetic sliding doors

Floor guides for airtight sliding doors

Hyginic stainless steel handles for clean rooms

Flexible doors for industry
PVC strip

Doors with flexible leaves
Spare parts for doors

Insulated doors for the food industry

Polyethylene double-action and service doors

Airtight doors clean rooms and medical environments

Sealed soundproofing and radiation-shielded doors

Flexible doors for industry
PVC strip

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