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Strip rolls and replacement panels in flexible PVC – fastening profiles

Direct access to the different spare parts


Strip rolls – Flexible PVC rolls

Clear crystal PVC

flexible PVC stripsflexible PVC for coldrooms, polar graded

Rolls of clear crystal PVC strips, bluish tint, rounded edges, in rolls of 50m and different widths and thicknesses: 100/2 - 200/2 - 300/2 - 300/3 - 400/3 - 400/4 mm.

Also available in Polar grade for sub-zero temperatures, in 200/2 and 300/3 mm.

Through-dyed opaque PVC

coloured pvc strips

Rolls of through-dyed opaque flexible PVC strips in Orange, Grey or White, in 50m rolls, width and thicknesses: 200/2 and 300/3 mm. 
Other colours and sizes are available in quantities above 300kg.

Engineered PVC: antistatic PVC, B-s3,d0 (fire retardant) PVC or anti-UV PVC for welding

pvc strips EN 1598 - fire retardant weldingpvc strips for welding

Rolls of flexible PVC strips that meet technical requirements, in 50m rolls: 

  • Fire retardant PVC, B-s3,d0 fire class (EN 13501-1)
  • Antistatic PVC for clean rooms of some ATEX zones
  • Anti UV PVC, standard or anti-UV and self-extinguishing (standard EN 1598) for protecting welding machines and screens

Replacement strips - PVC strip curtains

Flexible PVC pre-cut and perforated strips

pvc strips for replacementprofile de porte L22 et lanieres pvc souplelames et lamelles en PVC souplelamelles en pvc souple pour porte rideau

Flexible PVC strips with rounded edges, dimensions: 100/2, 200/2, 300/2, 300/3, 400/3, 400/4 mm, cut to your length with or without punching for fastening holes. 
Transparent strips (crystal grade) with a bluish tint or through-dyed orange, grey or white strips.


Replacement panels - flexible PVC swing doors

Flexible PVC panels

panneau de remplacement porte pvc souplepanneau de porte va et vient en pvc soupleReplacement panels in flexible PVC for double-action door or swing door.

4, 5, 6 or 8 mm thick, crystal or grey, yellow or orange, in 1, 2 or 3 zones.

Fastening profiles - PVC strip curtains

Fastening profile in galvanised or stainless steel, height 60 mm

profil de porte a lanieres acier galva

60mm high fastening profile in galvanised or stainless steel, self-supporting, 2 or 3m long, allowing the quick fastening of strips 

Part no. L22R - Galvanised steel 

Part no. L22X - 304 L stainless steel


Fastening profile in galvanised steel, height 100 mm

profil de fixation porte a lanieres

100mm high galvanised steel fastening profile, self-supporting, 2 or 3m long, allowing the quick fastening of strips 

Part no. L22G

Rapid detachment fastening profile

profil et platines rideau de lanieres decrochable D22

Fastening profile in galvanised or stainless steel, allowing the quick detachment of strips 

Part no. D22G - Galvanised steel 

Part no. D22X - 304 L stainless steel

Polyethylene fastening profile

rideau de lanieres oscillant pour chambre froide

Polyethylene fastening profile, tilting on galvanised or stainless steel tube 
Part no. O22G - Galvanised steel 
Part no. O22X - 304L stainless steel

Sliding track systems - PVC Strip doors

Complete sliding track for strip door

rail de porte a lanieres coulissante

Fastened on single, double or triple sliding track, surface mounted or under the lintel.

Curved sliding track for strip door

porte a lanieres coulissante courbe

Fastened on curved sliding track for 90° clearance, surface mounted or under the lintel.

Flexible PVC roll
PVC strip rolls
Strip rolls
Strip replacement

Strip for doors and curtains
PVC strips
Strip door kit
Flexible PVC stripe

Fire-retardant PVC strip
PVC strip for clean rooms
Strip for cold storage
Strip for welding

Polar grade PVC
Strip curtain profile
Antistatic PVC strips

Flexible doors for industry
PVC strip

Doors with flexible leaves
Spare parts for doors

Insulated doors for the food industry

Polyethylene double-action and service doors

Airtight doors clean rooms and medical environments

Sealed soundproofing and radiation-shielded doors

Flexible doors for industry
PVC strip

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