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The sealed sliding door are specially designed for rooms with controlled environments, particularly operating theatres in hospitals and clean rooms for different leading-edge industrial environments, and helps control contamination risks and protect staff, patients, products and materials in such environments.

Hermetic doors, Airtight doors – clean rooms and medical environments

These hermetic doors have been designed specifically to allow the user to control the risk of biocontamination or particle contamination in clean rooms, hospitals and other containment zones.


SPENLE has developed a complete range of sealed doors that will allow you to meet your requirements in terms of airtightness, hygiene, working, quality and even acoustic comfort:

The performance of our products has been tested and certified by several independent approved test laboratories


A few examples of application - airtight or hermetic doors

Hospitals - Healthcare - Search

  • Doors for operating theatres
  • Doors for recovery rooms
  • Doors for sterile zones (pharmaceutical preparation etc.)
  • Radiation-shielded doors for X-ray rooms
  • Doors for research laboratory animal house


Pharmaceuticals and electronics

  • Doors of air locks to clean rooms
  • Laboratory doors
  • Doors for access to dust-controlled zones


Clean room door
Airtight door
Operating theatre door
Sealed hospital door
Hermetically sealed door
Door for healthcare facilities

Clean room door
Operating room door
X-ray protected door
Door for clinics
Radiation-shielded door
Soundproof door

Laboratory air lock door
Controlled leakage door
Research lab door
Sealed door for medical environments

Containment air lock door
Clean room door
Clean room air lock door
Animal house doors
Sealed door for morgues

Flexible doors for industry
PVC strip

Doors with flexible leaves
Spare parts for doors

Insulated doors for the food industry

Polyethylene double-action and service doors

Airtight doors clean rooms and medical environments

Sealed soundproofing and radiation-shielded doors

Flexible doors for industry
PVC strip

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