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Semi-insulated service door - SP 100


The SP 100 semi-insulated service door has been developed to allow the passage of personnel in offices and in technical or sanitary facilities in the food industry and industrial refrigeration environments.  It is made in painted steel, stainless steel, polyester or polyethylene so as to meet all food standards and requirements and address your expectations.


  • 25µ polyester painted steel - RAL 9010 standard white
  • injected polyurethane foam insulating core
  • 40 mm thick 



  • U or C shaped 304L stainless steel frame that covers partitions
  • EPDM gasket in the rabbet to seal the door

(special frames adapted for brickwork or an existing structure or frame can also be studied and offered as an option - accurate dimensions required)



  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Key type locks, Euro cylinder, stainless steel strike plate and forend
  • Stainless steel handles with roses


  • Door closer
  • Sight hole in Stadip laminated glass
  • Stainless steel lower protection
  • Stainless steel WC lock
  • Ramp hinges with floor wiper seal
  • Panic bar with or without outer module


  • SP 110 polyester leaf
  • SP 120 brushed 304L stainless steel leaf
  • SP 130 solid polyethylene (PE HD 500) leaf
  • SP 140 leaf with aluminium edge and aluminium frame

A few examples of application - insulated service doors


  • Service doors for processing plants in the food industry
  • Flush doors for cutting laboratories of supermarkets
  • Service doors for professional kitchens (company and school canteens, hospitals, care homes etc.)


Semi-insulated service door - Documentation


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